06/05/2019 – 10/05/2019




For this brief, we had the option of AR (Augmented Reality) or a 20 second animation. I chose the latter so I could practice my animation skills and explore new techniques I haven’t tried before such as rotoscoping, drawn frame-by-frame and the 3D modelling software Blender. The idea is to combine the subject of time with any element from either of our last projects: Hand and Eye or Hybrid Forms. I chose to use the opening and closing hands from the screenprint I made for Hand and Eye. I selected it because, I wanted to play with the simplicity of the gesture. To correlate this to time, we often notice how the years fly by in an instant, all it takes is a memory or a moment of nostalgia to send us back 5, 10 or even 50 years into our past. This instant is mirrored with the few instants it takes to open and close our hands. You see, Time is like a magician and he can make things appear or a disappear. My animation explorers the cycle of life in 4 stages: childhood, adulthood, senior and death. Each cycle is represented by a duck, childhood is a rubber ducky, because this reminds of us when life was as simple as playing in a bathtub with a toy ducky. The second duck is a green Mallard duck, firstly, they look like they wear suits and second an adult duck needs to build a home, start a family and make sure they make enough bread. The third duck is a cooked duck, this represents our senior years, for many reasons, the skin of a cooked duck kind of look likes elderly people, also because like a delicious plate of Peking duck we enjoy now it and this is a time in our lives where we enjoy life. Also because death is around the corner to eat us up and this leads us to our 4th duck which is a duck carcass.

The idea behind my animation is simple: a pair of hands opens and reveals a duck, out closes and it reveals another duck and so on. I had a concept, but I spent a bit of time relating it to the concept of time and I’m very happy I found out what to do. I believe my idea is clear and cons and suits this topic perfectly.




I also looked into cyclical narrative as I wanted a looping animation. This is a narrative that ends where it begins. I chose this because I wanted to be able to show my work infinitely, since the cycle of life repeats itself endlessly it was important that I accomplished this. It makes more sense when it plays over and over again. I looked at SlimJim Studios and their looping animations, this is a really fun and explorative artistic practice and great way to train my animation muscles.




Please follow this link to understand what I mean:


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