11/02/2019 – 15/02/2019



In the first workshop we explored macro, we made our monster BIG, life size even, so in this workshop we scaled our monster down to the size of a finger. It’s quite metaphorical, because in the beginning when we assess our fears, they appear so big, daunting even and we don’t know how to deal with them. Then scaling it down, we take the power away from them and when it’s smaller than us, we have an easier time to deal with it and get rid of it. Once we had our mini-monster we needed to develop the character and explore who it is, what it is and how it moves. Mine is amalgamation of vices. It is a hideous wo/man that is constantly horny and would do anything for sex, s/he is obsessed to the point it is harassment. S/he would never physically force someone to have sex as she’s to cunning. She would take advantage through peer pressure and breaking their spirit into submission using alcohol and drugs. Her other traits are an obsessive, addictive, aggressive, manipulative, passive personality, s/he is a psychopath and a sociopath, a manic-depressive and a compulsive liar. I was interested by all the vices that fame brings onto a person. How you can go from being a good person to a crackhead. How all the eyes, praise and attention can drive people to insanity and leave them worse off than how they started. The monster is very disgusting and repulsive, but it felt like too much for myself song Isobel and I’m not sure if I should use it for my final storyboard…


Published by Marco-Antonio Grubben

IVM 2018-2022

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