I researched several animators, but deep down I knew what style I wanted anyway. Though sometimes you know exactly what you’re doing and you just want to get on with it, it’s important to explore everything around your particular subject as it may open up a new pathway you didn’t yet consider.



This youtube channel specialises in disturbing and unorthodox animation. They make disturbing characters and tell stories that are simple in essence, but make no sense. There is a wave of absurd animation that focus on visuals and tell stories through their design. It is quite beautiful, there is no pressure to make sense, you can do whatever you want. This isn’t an excuse though, nothing about this style of animation isn’t planned out and done randomly even though it looks like it. I feel like a lot of people are quick to diss this style, because it looks random and weird. The hours it takes for it to be made, edited, designed and though out, but also it has to fit with aesthetic of the rest of the other videos is also important. When you make animation you have compassion for the process regardless if it’s bad or good, you can sympathise how difficult it is to make anything.

In terms of the style of the characters this was my vision for my ducks. I wanted it to be 3D, look real, but fake at the same time. It had to look like it could exist, but a loft version of reality. If we look at the early days of Cool 3D World, this is exactly what I was going for. If we compare the progress to today, they have better set designs and sleeker characters with more realistic texture, this what my ambitious side was going for, but for time’s sake I stuck with the loft version. It just released some of the possible stress that comes with making this kind of style especially since it would be my first time. In the end, I did stress making my ducks, but that was due to technical errors.

For the storytelling its very quick-paced and unpredictable which was my biggest challenge. I love how anything can happen at any moment, there are general themes like the Chefs episode it revolves around food but you never know what can happen. In that same episode,  the fear factor is very alive. They effectively use the style to generate fear, the way the characters scream and the contorted faces. The sounds also emphasise the visuals, which is extremely important. You can elevate the animation tenfold with incredible sounds. Have you ever watched a movie with bad sound, low volume, badly recorded voices, badly aligned sound, terrible audio ruins the whole experience. This is something that struck me and I hoped in my animation the sound elevates my work and doesn’t drag it down.




These shorts display the E4 logo in between shows and movies, they are just animations that are weird or quirky or funny and the only goal is to show the logo. They are so quick but so effective. This storytelling was also my goal to just have snappy story that engages the audience, something you want to watch over and over. This is the feeling I want to create with my animation. When the shorts appear on TV they happen so quickly, before instant replay you would have to wait until the commercial break to see them again. There is a small excitement to see if its going to be a different one or a comical one, they always change and it’s a really good way to keep your audience tuned in-between the shows.

Stylistically, they’re all different and some are 3D animations. There is one in particular that spoke to me and its this animator called Cyriak who creates these visually rich and complex animation solely from found footage. Please follow the links to find more Stings.


The Ident Gallery (2019) E4 Stings. Available at: (Accessed: 3 June 2019)

TV Whirl (2018) E4 rebrand. Available at: (Accessed: 3 June 2019)




I have watched several of his videos and they’re all different but have a consistent style through out. He collages all this found footage to create a new an enticing narrative, his most famous is the music video he made for the musician Bonobo. This video travels layers incredible amounts of footage that was all cutout and reused over and over again in creative ways following along naturally to the beat of the song. This is an amazing collage, truly mesmerising. This is the next 5 levels above in terms of what I want to make for my animations, I want to simply do a frame by frame animation of my hands opening and closing with collaged pieces. This is video collage. It’s important to know what else is possible and how that can be achieved, if I become serious about animation this is the direction I would like to go in. It really helped me understand the flow of collage, how do I make it look organic and just be, simply be. The whole appeal to collage is the way all the pieces move together. It’s kind of like Howl’s moving castle, the castle has a central goal it moves in one direction and all the pieces follow the main command, but at the same time they’re all doing their own thing simultaneously. The key word is organic, everything in perfect inharmony.



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IVM 2018-2022

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